12 Winning Tips for Pinterest Marketing 

6 January 2020

12 Winning Tips for Pinterest Marketing 


It’s coming up to my 2 year blogiversary and if I could share one thing with you that has definitely helped me increase my traffic on my blog it would definitely be Pinterest. 

Many beginner bloggers don’t see Pinterest as one of the main tools to drive traffic to their website and choose to focus mostly on other social media platforms.

Pinterest isn’t just like any social media platform out there, it’s a perfect and powerful combination of social media and a search engine all in one. Unlike other platforms, some basic knowledge of Pinterest together with planned out SEO strategies will go a long long way. 

Check out my 12 winning tips for Pinterest marketing that I found most useful to increase my blog traffic and you should find helpful too: 


SEO Friendly Account –

1) Firstly, if you have created your Pinterest account, make sure you have a business account. This will ensure that you have access to your analytics providing a full overview of the traffic drawn to your boards, pins and blog.

2) Secondly, make sure your website has been authorized by Pinterest or in other words “claim” your website. This can be done by heading over to Settings -> Claim and is important in order to get access to your website analytics and let people know where they can find more of your content. Once your website is claimed, it should appear on your Pinterest Profile with a small tick next to it.

3) Enable Rich Pins – rich pins are important as they add extra updated details to your pins according to changes made on your website. For example, if you change anything on the link that has been added to your pin, it will be automatically modified on Pinterest too. 

4) Profile picture – a clear profile picture with photos of yourself have a much better SEO performance than simple logo profile pictures.  Pick out a photo that represents you and your blog in the best way possible, make sure it is high quality (500pt x 500pt).

5) Keywords – add keywords into your profile name – besides your blog name, add a few keywords describing what your blog is all about for example: Mademoiselle Minnie – Lifestyle & Blogging Tips. It’s important to do the same for your profile description, add a profile description with as many relevant keywords as possible. By doing this, you are creating a higher chance for people to find you on Pinterest.

*Tip for keywords – head over to the Pinterest Search bar to see some of the latest keyword trends. By simply clicking on the search bar, keyword trends will appear below. You can also find more trending keywords by typing in a topic relevant to your blog, the result page will show keywords related to your topic on the top of the page.

The same goes for boards and pins, by creating boards relevant to your blog its essential to add a description to each and every board and pin with relevant keywords.


Pin sizes and Quality – 

6) Pay attention that vertical images are more likely to get pinned than horizontal ones. The ideal size for pins on Pinterest is 600 x 900, I found Canva as the best tool to create my pins, they have all the suitable templates and make it so easy and simple to create and download, plus, it’s free!

7) Stick to clear, bright and high quality images that you upload to Pinterest, dark or blurry images don’t do so well.

8) It’s important to have titles that stand out – make sure you use suitable keywords and make them stand out by choosing the right colour and font that will make people want to click.


Pinning – 

9) Make sure you pin at least 30-50 times a day, this means pinning your own content and other content on Pinterest too. If your account is new and you don’t have much content to pin yet, I recommend to start pinning other pins and slowly adding in your own.

10) Fresh pins – another great method that is favorited by Pinterest and can help you increase traffic to your blog is by “recycling” your pin. Meaning, that if you have a pin that hasn’t performed very well, try changing the image and playing around with the description in order to create a new pin and re – upload it to one of your boards that have most engagement. You can also pin it to group boards that are related to the pin’s topic. For example, if I have created a pin with “5 ways to gain more blog traffic” I would pin it to my “Blogging Tips” board.


Group Boards – 

11) An excellent way to gain more visibility is by pinning to group boards.  Pinterest users can pin their content to the board and help them gain more traffic and visibility. This is extra great for beginner bloggers that don’t have many followers and want to reach out to more people. For example, if you have 20 followers, you have a chance to reach about 20 people when you pin to one of your boards. By pinning to “heavy” group boards with many followers you are basically increasing your reach by thousands! The best way to find group boards to join is by visiting Pingroupie.


Pinterest 100 Trends – 

12) Pinterest releases an annual list of their most trending keyword searches for the new year. You can check out the list here and add these trends to your boards, blog or simply repin similar content.


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