10 Instagrammable Spots in Nice, France and How to Find Them

15 July 2019

10 Instagrammable Spots in Nice, France and How to Find Them



It’s funny how Instagram has changed the way we travel. If once I used to get questions from friends and family about the best places to visit in Tel Aviv, Paris, Nice etc.. (yes, I have moved around a lot during the past few years) Now, most people ask me where the most unique Instagrammable spots are. 

Being a “tour guide” for our guests during peak season has allowed me to carefully choose my own favourite spots and make their visit feel extra special. I feel like some places that people see on the usual platforms such as Tripadvisor, are a bit too obvious and sometimes even disappointing as they are ‘old news’.  I found that sometimes we need to mix the obvious with a bit of “off the beaten track” places too.

The Nice travel guide will be up soon with the perfect spots for a short weekend getaway in Nice and other areas I found worth visiting. But in the meantime, check out these 10 Instagrammable spots in Nice with a detailed explanation of how and to find them.


The Obvious but still Classe – Rue de la Préfecture

This spot is perfect to get the real vibe of the vibrant atmosphere of the old city of Nice.

With restaurants, bars and busy tourists walking all around, the spot captures the real vibes of the city and the breathtaking pastel coloured buildings. Make sure you get the clock tower in the frame to make it extra special.

Best time to visit? Preferably mornings, although I personally think that the tourists in this case do add a little something extra.

Rue de la Préfecture

One of my favourite spots – Place Saint François

A charming square with a hidden staircase alleyway just beyond a magical arc that’s perfect for a few shots. I personally like heading up a few stairs to avoid capturing the metal handrail in the shot.

Best time to visit? Anytime, the alleyway has the occasional couple walking their dog or curious tourists but it’s never crowded.

Place Saint François

#Ihavethisthingwithdoors – the corner of Rue de l’Ancien Senat

The details in this shot simply make the photo. Although it’s hard to differentiate from other areas in the old city as they do look very similar to each other, this one had a little something to it. The two different coloured walls and wooden shutters, the washing hanging just above and of course the wooden door.

Make sure you take a peek around the corner and check out the old communal bath right in the centre of Rue de l’Ancien Senat, that too is an excellent spot!

Best time to visit? Anytime, there are occasional tourists and locals passing but not too many as the street isn’t in the centre of attention.

Rue de l’Ancien Senat

Click here to view the map of all the Instagrammable places in Nice


DiVINE  – Rue de la Providence

This hidden gem is truly off the beaten track. Anyone could miss it as it is located in a hidden alleyway away from the busy streets of the old city.

The vines surrounding the walls of the building make it looks so special that I simply couldn’t resist adding it to my list of Instagrammable places.

Stand underneath the building with your back to the red wooden door for an extra special shot.

Best time to visit? Anytime, this spot hasn’t been discovered yet by tourists so enjoy it while you can!

Rue de la Providence

Hidden alleyways – Rue du Jesus

One of my favourite things to do in the old city is simply get lost in the alleyways. This specific one seemed like an excellent photo for the alleyway collection as most of the wooden shutters were open and you gotta admit that it does add a real something to the photo.

Best time to visit? Anytime, there are occasional tourists and locals passing but not too many as the street isn’t in the centre of attention.

Rue du Jesus

The famous upside down umbrellas – Rue Droite

This trend has become famous all over the world and has now arrived to the south of France all thanks to this local Indian restaurant located in Rue Droite.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo there myself as there were too many tourists, but I managed to sneak one just to show you the amazing colours.

Best time to visit? I would say mornings, preferably around 09h30 as there won’t be too many tourists around and also just to have some respect for the business that hung them up there in the first place. I wouldn’t like to block the entrance of their restaurant during working hours, don’t you agree?

Rue Droite

A break from all the hustle and bustle – Rue de la Préfecture

You can’t visit Nice and avoid a well deserved foodie photo. There are plenty of ice cream spots, but what I found most Instagrammable was “Boon” the frozen yogurt on Rue de la Préfecture.

Choose some extra Instagrammable toppings and take your perfect shot in the middle of the street with a pastel coloured background.

Best time to visit? I would say just go, this street is always busy and it’s pretty hard to take a photo without  locals or tourists in the frame, but as I mentioned in the first spot, sometimes you gotta keep it a little authentic.

Frozen Yogurt

The flower market  – Cours Saleya 

If you have done your pre-visit research, you have probably read about the Cours Saleya market. You can find anything there from spices to soaps, but what I love about it most is the flower market. Head to the bottom of the market and check out the beautiful flowers on sale. You can either buy a lovely bouquet for a symbolic price or try taking a shot of the flower stalls, either way the colours are amazing.

Best time to visit? Mornings are less crowded, but there will always be people hanging around, this should not interfere with your shot though.

Cours Saleya 

The Insta famous beach – Ruhl Plage

To be honest, I didn’t get the whole fuss around this particular beach. There are beach clubs like this along the entire promenade. Most Instagramers go there for the occasional beach umbrella shot capturing the blue and white strips, which in my opinion are lovely but I was looking for something a little different. What I did realize, is that most of the beach clubs don’t really have a clear spot where you can really capture the umbrellas in a creative way, so that requires you to go down, buy a drink and sit there. Then I continued walking a little more, and discovered this perfect clear spot and figured, “Ok, now I get it”. 

Best time to visit? It really depends on what shot you are aiming to take, if you are looking for no people at all, the early hours of the morning would probably be the best time. If you’re all about going with the flow and capturing the real vibes of the French Riviera, head over there during the afternoon.

Ruhl Plage

Off the beaten track – St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

So this spot requires hopping on to a bus or cab but it is totally worth it. I don’t think people really understand the potential of this spot, it was almost empty when I arrived and it’s so beautiful. There are so many different spots to admire and take photos of, just make sure you don’t take photos inside the cathedral as they have a strict no photos inside policy.

Best time to visit? I would choose the morning as it’s located in a spot that’s far from all the buzz and tourist attractions. It would be better to start off here and continue your trip around an area with walking distance attractions and at the same time avoid the tourists in your frame.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

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