6 Useful Tips For Effective Time Management

31 May 2019

6 Useful Tips For Effective Time Management


Most people believe that they hardly have enough time for anything anymore. We each have preoccupations such as taking the dog for a walk, hanging out the laundry or maybe that 30 minute workout that just happened to turn into 60 (thanks alot Facebook notifications).

As a freelancer, I work from home most of the time, which on one side can be great cause hey, who doesn’t love working in their pj’s sometimes? But other times, it can also be very distracting and frustrating. Luckily, as a person who likes getting things done, I quickly figured out that our problem is actually not that we have too much to do it’s simply that we don’t know how to prioritize and put our finger on what needs to be done first.

So let me help you out, you’ve probably heard of a “To Do List” right? Well,  in order to prioritize, you would need two different types of “to do lists” – The TPL (Top Priority List) and the NUL (Non Urgent List). The difference between the two is so simple yet life changing at the same time.

Want to master time management? Check out my 6 Useful Tips for Effective Time Management just below, you can also download my two giveaway “To do Lists“ right here.



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1) Prepare Your Lunch a Day Before

Make sure you don’t create extra work for yourself and make your lunch a day before.

You gain so much time the next day and instead of eating something simple just because you couldn’t be bothered, you get to enjoy a nice nutritious lunch. So put that “GOT” episode on pause for now and make yourself food for tomorrow.


2) Wake Up Early

Sleeping in is too easy! Get up, take a shower and get ready as if you were heading out somewhere. Who knows? You might earn some extra time to actually do something nice that you deserve later on. Put on some perfume and a touch of makeup, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and let’s get going!


3) Clean Up Your Work Space

I find that working in a clean work space clears my head, when you have a messy work space it creates many distractions around you and blocks all of those original ideas that are waiting to come out of your head and onto your laptop. You don’t need to start mopping the floor, but at least make your bed, get rid of the pile of dirty plates in your sink and have a fresh start to your day.


4) Prioritize

Got a bunch of ideas in your head and don’t know where to begin? Sounds like you’re in need for a to do list. Like I mentioned, if you want to master time management, you need two lists – one for today “TPL (Top Priority List) ” and one for tomorrow “NUL (Non Urgent List)”.

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How do you prioritize? Let me give you an example:

It’s your sister in law’s wedding in three weeks and you still haven’t found a dress for the occasion. On the other hand, the laundry is piling up and you don’t have even one pair of clean jeans left in your closet for the weekend. Oh, and I almost forgot, that blog post has to be done by tomorrow and you’re only halfway through.

Where to begin?!

Obviously, it’s super tempting to scroll through the internet or just head down to the shopping centre and look for a dress. But, that means that you would get home exhausted, perhaps have the energy to do the laundry but those jeans will never be dry by tomorrow and that blog post would certainly never happen.

So? prioritization. That dress can wait one more day (NUL), and in the meantime kill two birds with one stone (TPL).


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5) Morning Tasks vs Afternoon Tasks

It’s no lie that we all have that drowsiness feeling right after lunch time. Make sure you prioritize the tasks that need most of your focus and energy for the morning and the less important TPL tasks for the afternoon.


6) Bonus Tip –

Let me give you one bonus tip that is crucial for you and your time management skills- always leave some time for you at the end of the day for the things you like. Whether it’s a hot bubble bath, or just Netflix and chill, you deserve a rest after your busy day. Make sure you don’t work over time and set a clear time frame for work, once time is up, it’s time for you.


That’s it guys, you now have all the best tips you need in order to master time management and no longer waste your own time.

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