10 Must Have Summer – Spring Essentials

29 April 2019

10 Must Have Summer – Spring Essentials


Yay! It’s almost May, and that means summer is finally approaching. Honestly, I can’t really say that I had a winter, the closest winter to an actual winter I had was probably watching the “Game of Thrones” that I have (finally) managed to restart again and get through the whole first season.

After many failed “Game of Thrones” attempts, the new season and all the hustle and bustle around it has motivated me to give it another try (possibly a lot of peer pressure too).

Any way, I am starting the second season this weekend so fingers crossed I will get through it too!


Back to summer, as I am lucky enough to have moved last year from romantic yet very rainy and cold Paris to the maybe less romantic but very sunny French Riviera, we hardly got to experience any cold rainy days. So, on that happy note, I decided to take out my spring – summer clothes and also get some new ones.


One possibly “bad” thing is that my bank account is terribly suffering, honestly, how many straw bags can one girl have ?!

So after a well spent week in London, I have gathered my favourite 10 current trending summer essentials just for you.


1) Straw Bag

Straw and bamboo bags have significantly taken over the spring – summer collections of 2019 and have become an essential accessory for your spring – summer outfit. The ideal bag for me would be a small summer bag suitable for any type of occasion during both day and evening.  The classic small bamboo clutch bag turned out to fit perfectly and simply adds that little something to your outfit.


2) Linen Clothes

If I could wear linen all day every day, I certainly would! I find it ideal for those hot days as the light linen fabric makes you feel fresh and fabulous even when you just feel like heading home and taking a shower for the 245,678 time.


linen summer clothes


3) Classy Earrings

It’s no secret that the right pair of earrings can make your outfit. I have not always been an earring person myself, I started to try a few new pairs with my spring outfits only a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t get enough of them. My seasonal favourites have to be wooden hoops rather than the dangly curtain like earrings – They go perfectly with a good choice of a straw bag and a simple pair of jeans and white tee.


4) Sunglasses

It’s finally time to take them out! I have and always will be a Ray Ban lover. I simply love the shape of their sunglasses and when it come to taking care of your eyes and protecting them from the strong and dangerous rays of sun, quality is always the answer.



sandals sunglasses


5) Summer Sandals

So many to choose from, I know. But then what would you wear with your linen outfit on those hot summer days?


6) Book

Looks like you are about to spend a lot of time just chilling in the sun at the beach or the park. Why not grab a good book and enjoy its company rather than your phone for once? I’m currently reading the bestseller “Get Your S**t Together” that was published after Sarah Knight’s first book “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k” was such a success. Even though most of us do have our s**t together, the author makes you look at life through another perspective which is pretty interesting to read and you also get to have a good laugh on the way too.



spf lip balm



7) Perfume

Every season needs a perfume, well maybe not every season, but the minimum requirement is at least one for winter and one for summer. The newest spring – summer fragrances are back and bold with various floral, musk and citrus notes to choose from. So exciting!


8) Lip Balm

Those lips require special protection when it comes to the sun and using a lip balm with SPF is an effective way to take care of them.


nivea cream


9) Moisturising Cream

One thing that I love is a double product. I had my years of layers of different creams on my face just to stay protected from the sun. The summer was always unbearable and the only thing I wanted to do was wash everything off my face. Thank god for the person that came up with a moisturising cream with SPF.


10) Makeup

I won’t lie, I hate wearing makeup during the summer and try not to wear it too much.

When I do is mostly if I’m heading to a restaurant, shopping or during the evening when it’s cooler. I have never changed my M.A.C makeup since I started using it simply because it’s probably the “lightest” makeup I’ve ever tried, it stays on pretty much all day and most importantly it has SPF.

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