Travel Guide – 3 Days in Miami, Florida

19 March 2019

Travel Guide – 3 Days in Miami, Florida


As part of our honeymoon we decided to have a short stop in Miami on our way to Mexico.

The last time I visited the U.S was when I was 18, it was New York and it was in December meaning freezing!! So I was super excited to be back, discover a new area and enjoy a better climate.

We flew B.A, a very long 8.5 hours, we tried to put on our cute faces saying “it’s our honeymoon” while pointing at business and looking at the flight attendant but it didn’t work unfortunately. Still, they were kind enough to treat us like “royalty” and serve us champagne.

To get to the point, in this post you will find recommendations for a perfect 3 day trip to Miami, where to stay, what to visit in Miami and some of my favourite spots to eat at. Enjoy!




Every person visiting Miami thinks – ok so we’ll stay at a hotel at Miami beach which is the obvious thing. We made the same mistake at the beginning, but after realising how much more expensive it was we chose to stay in Brickell, a super central neighbourhood located just a short 20 Minute drive from Miami Beach. We were surprised to see how close it was to other places we planned to visit in Miami too like Wynwood (Only a 15 Minute drive) and Little Havana.

We chose to stay at the Atton Brickell Miami, a very central hotel with an extremely friendly staff, pool, gym and delicious breakfast.

Little tip: Try to find a hotel with Parking, luckily our hotel offered (paid) parking but it was totally worth it as street parking is normally time limited and very expensive!


Atton Hotel Miami



Like everything in the U.S, Miami is BIG! So renting a car is really the best option. As men do, my husband took care of the car choice and no surprise there – is was a Chevrolet Camaro. We chose Alamo car rental agency, the price seemed pretty fair and the service was quick and very practical. Right after settling the payment, you head down to their garage and they literally tell you “the keys are on the dashboard, pick any car you like”. Only thing is they can’t guarantee any specific car you want. So I suggest that you head there before everyone else on your flight. As the hubby wanted a convertible, there were only two left and the second was taken right after we chose ours.

Uber is not so bad either, we had to take it a couple of times and paid about $8 for a 15 Minute trip during the afternoon.



Miami Beach After visiting Miami Beach, I realised that it was everything we wanted it to be and more. It was kind of like living an American dream. First we had a little car tour around Miami’s iconic streets such as Lincoln Road, Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive.

Lincoln Road is a pedestrian friendly road that has everything a good tourist needs – shopping, restaurants and cafes. You can find some of the most popular brands located all way down the street such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21 and more.

Ocean Drive One of Miami’s most famous streets, located in the heart of South Beach. It is the perfect place to get the real Miami vibe. With buzzing restaurants and bars almost in every corner it was sure hard for us to choose. We headed down to the beach to chill in the sun and then found a perfect hidden gem for a brunch, check it out below.


Bayside Market Side Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Bayside offers visitors a marketplace with fine shops, restaurants and live music. There are tourist boats at the bay offering tours of Miami during which you can see the famous Star Island, an island with homes of all the rich and famous.


Wynwood was probably the highlight of our trip to Miami. Wynwood, once a neglected district of warehouses is nowadays one of the most popular and hippest places to visit in Miami. It’s become an arts hub displaying the art of international graffiti artists throughout the district. Old warehouse walls have been turned into giant canvases displaying unique pieces of art that can blow your mind. The well known spot to start at is Wynwood Walls, a free art exhibit featuring amazing graffiti walls with open galleries to enter and explore, one of my favourites was Peter Tunney’s art gallery.

Foodies mustn’t miss out on the Wynwood Market Place, unfortunately, when we were there is was closed, but if you get a chance there are many food trucks, artisan vendors and live music to enjoy. Check out my secret spot below if you’re craving something delicious during your art tour.

Little Havana is a cute little Cuban neighbourhood in which locals (Miami Cubans) take pride. I found it so special how only a short drive away from our hotel we could discover a whole new world and culture. The most popular sites to visit are in the historical district located between SW 12 and SW 17. We just enjoyed the atmosphere, the smells of tobacco in the air from the cigar shops the latin music and the Spanish. If you want to take your visit up a notch, try one of the local restaurants.

Little Havana


Tanuki Probably one of the coolest Asian fusion restaurants I’ve been to, we enjoyed a few margaritas and the food was delicious. It is a little pricey but if you feel like treating yourself – why the hell not? For starters, order some dim sums and do not say no to cocktails.

The Salty Donut an artisanal donut shop and coffee bar in Wynwood. Their donuts are based on seasonality so enjoy the surprise on your next visit and the coffee is great! We chose the brown butter and salt donut which melted in my mouth. This place is definitely one of the top places to try in Miami.

The Local House My little hidden gem. Although located on Ocean Drive it was really hard to spot with all the busy restaurants around and waiters calling us to come in and try their cocktails. It was the perfect spot for a calm brunch on Miami Beach and very instagrammable too. Try their avocado toast!















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