Shoreditch – The Perfect Foodie Escape

12 February 2019

Shoreditch – The Perfect Foodie Escape


During my last visit to London, I insisted on going to Shoreditch despite the cold weather that made me feel like curling up in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate.

The sun was out which is quite rare in London so that was definitely taken as a sign to make the most of the day!

So 30 minutes later, we were in Shoreditch, the only thought running through my head as we arrived was – can I eat all this??


Our first stop was at Brick Lane, as there is a market and plenty of cute shops across the road.

Our taxi driver dropped us off right in front of an AMAZING chocolate shop “Dark Sugars” and of course we went in to check it out.

The “Dark Sugars” house, also known as the cocoa house, aims to bring the West African cocoa culture to London. The smell of the cocoa is mesmerising and the presentation even more so.


As you enter, you can’t miss the enormous chocolate bars stacked one on top of another. Then right after there is a massive wooden table with chocolate truffles in every size and flavor you can imagine – Matcha, Ginger, Cognac and so many more (of course we bought a bag full of them to try, the ginger was my favourite!).


Further down the street, was came across the famous “Beigel Shop” selling freshly baked bagels, their business has been going on for many years now and they seem to always be full! Passing their shop I couldn’t help noticing the famous Rainbow Bagels that they have started to sell (YUM!).


The market in Brick Lane has everything you can possibly think of (foodwise of of course) from steamed dumplings to fresh hot miniature pancakes, stands of fresh chai tea and my favourite – cookie dough stand!


What I found really pleasing at Shoreditch were the amount of vegan restaurants! Shoreditch is  very vegan friendly, we came across the “House of Vegan” located at 152 Brick Lane Street, a large food court with different with stands from all over the world.

I found it surprising to actually realize how many different types of food can be turned vegan and also what a large variety already exists! There were vegan sausages, ethiopian food, falafel, pancakes and even a smoked salmon stand.

After trying the falafel, I can say that it certainly deserves a 9/10.


They are open weekly but make sure you stay updated and check the day and working hours as they may vary.

Heading back, we past a weird looking bar that looked like a prison. The name “Alcotraz” and the queue certainly caught our attention so we head over to check what it was all about.

Turns out it’s a prison cocktail bar, but the main point is to try and smuggle in your own alcohol (yes, you need to bring your own bottles) and once inside the prison, you are served 3-4 cocktails of your choice made with your alcohol. In the meantime you can enjoy a theatre play around you featuring the prison guards (that happen to be on your side) and the Warren that is trying to catch you for your bad behaviour! Seemed really cool but as you need to book in advance, we couldn’t get in. Next visit!


Finally, we arrived at the Boxpark, a food and retail park in the heart of shoreditch made out of shipping containers. It’s described as the world’s first “pop up mall” allowing retailers to have a chance to showcase their image at an affordable price. One place that was a must for me, despite the freezing cold weather was “Soft Serve Society” a dessert bar serving premium soft serve ice cream. They are well known from Instagram for their unique ice cream and hot drinks as they have such a cute creative twist to them. Some have black cones, others have pig noses and roasted marshmallows and if you really have a sweet tooth, you can have yours covered in cotton candy. So I decided to try out the vanilla ice cream and matcha latte (both with roasted marshmallows on top, dahh). The result? The ice cream was definitely a 10/10, as for the matcha latte, I expected more but it was okish I guess, will give a 8/10.

After a day with a little (too much) food, I can safely say that you can never get enough of this place. I will definitely go back to try those rainbow bagels!



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