École Paul Augier

14 January 2019

École Paul Augier


This was probably one of the most unique and original dinner experiences i’ve had so far, first because of the location and secondly because of the staff (who were not over 16 years old).


Dining at a high school certainly took me back, back to when I had my peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch in the playground. The only difference now was that this time, the food was certainly not even close to what my sandwich tasted like.


Paul Augier, a cooking and tourism school based in the south of France opens its doors to thousands of teenagers that at the age of 16, or even younger, have already (!!) chosen their future career.


The institution allows young professionals to continue their high school studies and at the same time study how to become experts in the cooking and tourism world.

The best part about it is that it is also great for foodies and tourists that want to experience a good laugh and good food all at the same time.


The school offers fixed menus serving lunch and dinner allowing visitors to experience a true Michelin restaurant and for the students to practice and learn.

The experience is quite funny as the students get remarks from their teachers during the service, for example if our waiter wasn’t standing straight or he didn’t explain the menu correctly.

At some point I felt like getting up and helping them as they were so cute and nervous!


Visitors have the choice between 3 restaurants, the first “Le Bistrot” open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner offering a fixed menu including a starter, a main dish and dessert for only 12€ per person.

The second is “La Capelina” open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner offering a starter, a choice between 2 main dishes and a dessert for 16€ per person.

And as they say, we leave the best for last “Le Baie des Anges” offering a gastronomic meal including a starter, a main dish and dessert for 28€ per person.


As for the differences, I would recommend the last option as it was the one we went to and we were not let down. The other two restaurants are not gastronomic but the food is just as good apparently.


Their menus change on a weekly basis (offering a different menu for each day too), so make sure you hop on to their website before reserving a table and choose the menu that suits your taste buds the best.


As for our menu, it included the following:


Starter: Rillette aux deux saumons, fraîcheur de concombre aux épices, toast croustillant

Salmon rillette (similar to pâté) with fresh spiced cucumbers and a crunchy toast

Main Dish: Filet de canette à la maniguette et aux fruits, la cuisse confite en pomponette de chou

Duck fillet with fruit and cabbage

Dessert: Tarte au citron

Lemon Tart


I personally gave them a 10/10 for the effort and the quality of service and food, If you’re looking for a gastronomic food experience and have a tight budget or just want to enjoy an excellent original meal, you should definitely give this place a try.




163 Boulevard René Cassin

06200 Nice

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