5 Common Cooking Mistakes You Might Be Making

19 December 2018

5 Common Cooking Mistakes You Might Be Making


We all have cooking experience, as do I, but I wouldn’t call myself a cooking expert as I believe we all have room to learn from our mistakes and improve.

Most of the time, at least for me, I focus on the flavour of the food I make and put less emphasis on the technique I use to make it (except when I need to share my recipe with you guys of course).

But maybe sometimes we are making our cooking harder for nothing, maybe with a little attention to detail and technique we could achieve much better and easier results.

That’s why I decided to gather 5 common cooking mistakes we probably make often in the kitchen but have never really thought about or realised.

I have tried to change many cooking techniques myself and I can tell you that some of these really come in handy.


1) Frying with Olive Oil

A mistake I’m sure we have all made and still make. Perhaps it’s because we think it is a healthier way of frying our food? I’m not so sure, but what you should really know is that olive oil, when reaching high temperatures (320°C to be exact) becomes unsuitable for frying causing your food to burn and lose all its nutrients.

What we should do – use olive oil for the seasoning of salads, use a suitable oil for frying instead such as sunflower oil.

2) Not heating the pan enough

We all have those moments in the kitchen when we are impatient and think that we can start frying our food, but the pan isn’t hot enough. This common mistake can cause your food to cook unevenly and dry up.

What we should do – spatter a few drops of water on the pan and see if they start “jumping” in the pan. When this happens, you will know that the pan is hot enough, but before pouring oil, wait for the water to vaporise first.

3) Your guacamole turns brown

You are planning to host a lovely evening for your friends, everything is prepared but your guacamole that you’ve worked so hard on is ruined!

What we should do – Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top of your guacamole, keep the avocado pipe on top of it too until your guests arrive.

4) Storing all our fruit and vegetables in the same place 

Many people don’t know that there are different types of fruit and vegetables that shouldn’t be stored together as they cause early spoilage. Fruits release ethylene, causing the ripening of fruit and vegetables around them.

What we should do – read about all the different types of fruit that produce ethylene and make sure you don’t store them with ethylene sensitive vegetables. For example, don’t store bananas (release ethylene) with broccoli, carrots or eggplants.

5) Not putting any salt in your pan of boiling pasta

Many people are scared to over salt their cooking, but in this case the salt actually makes your pasta taste much better even if you add the sauce to it after.

What we should do – add 1 tablespoon of salt to each 300g of pasta, your pasta will taste amazing!

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