La Crêperie De Hampstead

11 December 2018

La Crêperie De Hampstead


You would expect this hidden gem to be a nice sized crêperie restaurant located just opposite other local cafes, but no! That’s exactly why it is so magical!

La Crêperie De Hampstead has such a big name for such a tiny cute crêpe stand located just in the corner of Hampstead High Street (number 77 to be exact). Don’t let it mistaken you for its size because as tiny and modest it is, the queue can go on forever.


It’s a typical Parisian styled crêperie stand but honestly, after all those years of living in Paris, I can surely say that these aren’t like any other crepe I’ve ever had.

They starting off at week end markets, then the creperie moved to Hampstead High Street permanently in the 80’s and became a local favourite. Today it is so well known that even the French fly over just to get a taster of the famous crêpes.

For all those with a sweet tooth, there are crepes ranging from the simple “Crepe Suzette” the classic French crepe made with butter, sugar and lemon juice to “Hazelnut Cream Crunch” and “La Surprise des Caraibes” taking you on the ultimate Caribbean adventure.



For those who prefer salty, no worries, they have plenty of options too! Good luck choosing though as you have a tough choice between “Mushroom in Garlic Cheese”, “Ratatouille and Cheese” and many more.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this 38 year old gem on your next visit to London, you won’t regret it!



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