A Day at the Westminster Hotel

4 November 2018

A Day at the Westminster Hotel


So it was our first marriage anniversary and the hubby treated me (and himself) to a spa day at the Westminster Hotel.


The deal was worth it as for the price of 180€ we enjoyed 2 massages, 2 hours to enjoy the spa facilities – heated (ish) pool, sauna, hammam and a jacuzzi and the most important – a 3 course lunch menu.


The hotel was a 4* located right in the middle of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, combining the Belle Epoque style architecture with a modern contemporary design. It has been recently renovated but the beauty of its 19th century architecture still remains.



The spa (“Spa 27”) was brand new, the service was above all expectations and the facilities were relaxing and clean. If I have one useful tip, it is to book a spa day during a period with less tourists, as it is quite small, it could get crowded. We had a busy first hour but as people arrived earlier than us, they also left before and we had the whole spa to ourselves for a good hour!


I’ll skip to the lunch part, as that is the main reason we are all gathered here today!

The restaurant, “Le Duc”, is a mediterranean style restaurant with meals made with local ingredients. What I loved most about it is that as you walk in the entire kitchen is open, which for me is a sign of trust. Having an open kitchen allows us to see how our food is prepared and at the same time also allows the chefs to engage with their clients, which in my opinion is the best PR a restaurant can get (if it is done well).



As for the food, it was a fixed menu as it was included in our spa deal, but we still had the choice of meals and enjoyed a 3 course menu.

For starters, we had the choice between an artichoke salad and a salmon tartare (chose the salmon). For main course, it was either a rib eye steak accompanied by a gravy sauce and french fries or a cod fish fillet with small swirls of celery and sweet potato mash and a serving of grilled vegetables (the hubby chose the meat of course and I chose the fish). As for dessert, they kept it simple unfortunately, but it was also nice to have something light so we both had a fruit salad.




Total rating of the whole experience? 9.5/10

Total rating of the restaurant experience? 9/10 – only because of the fruit salad that in my opinion could have been upgraded a little.


Hotel Westminster

27 Promenade des Anglais, 06000, Nice


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