Paris: Not Just The City of Love

17 October 2018

Paris: Not Just The City of Love


So let me break it to you – Paris is not just the city of love, it’s the city of food!

If I could sum up my 3 years in Paris, it would probably be two words – weight gain.

Yes, this city is full of endless choices of places to eat different types of food from all over the world. I certainly can not write them all down otherwise my blog would never end, but no worries every now and again I’ll make sure to share a few with you.

So today’s favorites are a mix of different styles and flavors, so it could be either very easy for you to choose from, or very hard. (Sorry!)

In that case I would just try all of them if you have the time!

I’ll start from my number one favorite:

Hanoi Cà Phê

Price €€

Asian restaurants are my fav, and this one is not like any other. A large red curtain covers the entrance and once open, you feel the vibes of this place. The decor is very hipstery and trendy with a combination of bamboo, neon lights and original bright coloured wallpaper that changes from wall to wall. What definitely adds to the atmosphere is the DJ playing different classics right above the bar. The menu includes delicious bo buns (my favorite is the chicken and pineapple chutney), pad thai, bao burgers and more.

For drinks, get original and order the bubble tea or one of their amazing cocktails served in unusual cups (my all time favorite is the watermelon).

Go on, don’t even hesitate! You’ll thank me later

30 Boulevard des Italiens, 75009, Paris



Price €€€

If you love italian food, you gotta go there.

What I love about this place is firstly the decor – marble tables, bamboo chairs and touches of velvet and rose gold that make you go “wow!” when you enter.

The wow gets even louder when you see the action around the pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant, and the smell well, you go and smell it for yourself!

The menu is seasonal and offers pizzas with original toppings that you will never forget, so there’s no room for hesitation.

And my favorite part? The hidden bar at the back “Danico”, with unusual and delicious cocktails.

Tip: When you visit the restaurant ask for the Danico cocktails menu! Or just reserve a table and head over there after dinner for drinks.

6 Rue Vivienne, 75002, Paris


Soon Grill

Price €€€

Who needs a trip to Asia when you have places like this?

Soon Grill is a Korean restaurant located close to the Marais (75004) and offers an asian getaway in the middle of Paris. Like mentioned in the name, the restaurant specialises in grilled dishes, and therefore every table in the restaurant has a small fitted personal grill!

The menu is very detailed with plenty of options to choose from (which also makes it very difficult) such as meat, sea food, vegetarian dishes and very unique desserts such as the ‘Champagne Gourmand’ –  a must have.

The restaurant is suitable for a nice lunch or even a unique dinner date, so make up your mind and get grilling!

78 Rue des Tournelles, 75003, Paris



Price €€

Miznon is a small, unique and loud “all in a pita” concept restaurant bought to Paris from Tel Aviv and owned by the chef Eyal Shani.

The concept has spread worldwide and comes to show that its not what’s on the outside, its what’s on the inside!

This middle eastern restaurant offers its customers delicious pita breads with different and may I say delicious fillings such as the well known boeuf bourguignon, fish kebab and my all time favorite the potato and aioli pita.

Get there as quick as you can cause the longer you wait, the more pitas you miss!

22 rue des Ecouffes, 75004, Paris

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