Monaco: Lunching with Poseidon

10 October 2018

Monaco: Lunching with Poseidon


Heading to the south of France? Don’t fall into all those tourist traps, be different and trust me on this one.
I visited this restaurant for an occasion, it was my father in law’s birthday and we drove down to Monaco for the day. Although it was February, the weather was definitely on our side and we felt like enjoying a good plate of seafood in the sunshine.

Hidden right at the back of Port Fontvieille is “Les Perles de Monte Carlo”. People visit this place from all over the world and love its uniqueness, its beauty is mainly the atmosphere, you are 100% sure you have arrived at the back of the restaurant at the beginning but nope, that’s the one!
With fish tanks everywhere, wet floors and kitchen mats you think “Ok, what is this place?” but head back out, take a seat on one of the high tables in the sunshine with a breathtaking view (that includes the prince’s palace) and relax, everything served to you is as fresh as you can get.

The restaurant gives you the option to eat in and also take out, they have a variety of fresh seafood such as the true “pearls” of Monaco (named after the oysters), lobster, gambas, caviar, sea bass and much much more.

The taste is indescribable, you feel like your plate has just been served by Poseidon himself! My personal favorite were the gambas, served on top of a tray of ice with a scrumptious homemade mayonnaise dip – you simply can’t go wrong there.
I personally am not an oyster type of girl, but my family couldn’t get enough and ordered a second dish!!

So come on and get your taste buds ready for one of your best fishy experiences ever!

Les Perles de Monte Carlo – Quai Jean-Charles Rey, 98000 Monaco

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