Calling all truffle lovers!

28 September 2018

Calling all truffle lovers!


Ever since I moved to France I became in love with truffle, the only problem with truffle is that its a little pricey which allows you to appreciate it even more once you finally get the opportunity. Yesterday was date night and we chose the perfect restaurant for truffle lovers – “Le Boudoir” located in Nice, France. I would say that 95% of the menu contains truffle and I was astonished to find out all the possible dishes that can actually mix well with it. Our experience had a nice start, the restaurant offered us a small portion of truffle mousse with a lentil and truffle mash surprise at the bottom just to get us started. We then chose for our starters a typical French dish that never fails – a chunky loaf of brioche bread with a spread of onion and fig jam, foie gras and of course truffle. It was delicious to look at and to eat!   For the main course, I chose cod fish in a green curry sauce sprinkled with truffle flakes and served with a mashed potato side dish. At first, I wasn’t so sure how well the green curry will blend in with the truffle, but when I took the first bite I was pleasantly surprised. As for my hubby, he went for the beef marinated in a wine and truffle sauce served with a potato gratin side dish – was incredible! And as all endings need to be happy, we finished with a homemade (!!) chocolate soufflé (with ice cream don’t worry) and a wine glass filled with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles of cookie crumbs. Total summary of the experience? 150€ for a couple (champagne included), very good service and amazing food. For a date night, special occasion or just as an excuse to try out truffle. Le Boudoir, 10 Rue Chauvain, 06000, Nice  

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